When you support a small family farm…

A few things to know when you support a small family farm.


Our animals are our first priority.


When I compare our farm to large scale factory farms, I can see a big difference when it comes to the care of the animals.  While factory farms are concerned with maximizing profits, John Henry’s is concerned with maximizing our land to allow for more grazing. While they are focused on minimizing expenses, we are focusing on minimizing the time our animals spend in barns.  All of our animals are out on pasture, and never given any antibiotics or hormones. Our Cows are all 100% grass fed and finished, our pigs and chickens are fed GMO & soy free feeds. We take our animals health seriously. We aren’t looking for the newest chemicals & medications to treat illness, we strive to keep our animals healthy through natural methods. We raise our animals from babies that are born from good hardy stock to ensure the healthy bloodlines. If sickness does pop up the animal is treated and once healthy it is sent away to the local stockyard. We never use treated or sickly animals for John Henry’s Meats.


Customer Service is a main focus.


If you have purchased from our small farm you will know how important good customer service is to us. We are always striving to provide a great experience when purchasing from our farm. We want our customers to be 100% satisfied with everything they receive from us. We specialize is providing customized cuts and packaging that you just cant get from large companies and grocery stores. Our customers are very special people who choose to support our small family farm versus the factory farms. They understand how hard we work to provide them with the best meats possible.  We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without people like you!


We have a hard working team.


Every day we work hard to provide our customers and animals the best care possible. Our team is always going the extra mile to make sure things run smoothly.  We wear many hats but we all help each other out and make work fun! You probably won’t find a more dedicated group of individuals. We want our customers to know our team and see the faces of the hard working people that are responsible for farming, butchering, and shipping their meats.


Thank you for joining the John Henry’s family in supporting small family farms. Whether we are local in distance to our Southeast Michigan customers, or local in spirit to our customers in our expanded shipping area, we all share in our passion for good animal care, good customer service and a team who strives to bring you the highest quality grass fed meats available.