New York Strip Steak – Meat Cut Highlight

New York Strip Steak (Shown Above)

Our grass-fed New York Strip Steak is a delicious cut of beef, great for grilling during any season. This cut consists of a muscle that does little work, making it tender and lean. Though it is not as tender as the nearby muscle known as the Tenderloin or Filet Mignon.

The New York Strip Steak name originated from Delmonico’s Restaurant in New York City in 1827. This steak, cut from the short loin, was one of their signature dishes and they referred to it as a Delmonico Steak. The name evolved over the years and it took on the name of its city of origin, New York.

T-Bone Steak (Shown Above)

“The area below the backbone is home to some of the most tender and popular cuts of beef, such as the Tenderloin, Strip Steak, T-Bone and Porterhouse Steaks.” – Beef It’s What’s for Dinner

When the strip steak is still attached to the bone it is referred to as a T-Bone steak. If it is attached to the bone and also has a piece of the tenderloin, it is referred to as a Porterhouse steak.  These cuts all come from the primal cut of meat referred to as the short loin. An experienced butcher or chef would be able to break down this large piece of meat into individual steaks.

Porterhouse Steak (Shown Above)

Our butcher, cuts each steak by hand. Typically all of our steaks are cut at 1 inch thick but we welcome special orders as well.  Some of our customers prefer their New York Strip Steaks cut at 2 inches and others prefer 3/4 inch. It’s all about personal preference and we are here to provide you with a delicious grass fed steak at your favorite thickness.