Loving these furry faces!

We are so glad that our animals live the best life possible. Their life here on our farm is spent mostly outside. We offer a large barn for them to use whenever they want to hide away from the elements, but they NEVER stay in there. They prefer to stay outside with their butts to the wind. They grow an extra furry coat that keeps them warm even in Michigan winters.

We offer our cows dried hay (grass fed beef) along with some fermented hay and silage (chopped green corn stalks). The fermented hay and silage are packed with extra protein and nutrients. Because we don’t believe in locking our cows in the barn to keep them warm we make sure that they are fed enough nutrient rich foods to keep them warm without giving them grains.

When you choose to support our small family farm, you are choosing to support the proper care and treatment of animals. All of our animals have access to lush pastures in the summer and the proper feed in the winter. They are all able to enjoy the beautiful sunshine and fresh air year around.

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