How Bratwurst is Different from Sausage

A sausage is type of ground meat that is prepared and placed in fresh or dried casings that are sold either in bulk or as links. On the other hand, a Bratwurst is a specific kind of sausage that is made with veal or pork.


What is a sausage?

To make sausage, we use ground or minced chicken, veal, pork, or beef that is mixed with spices, herbs, salt, and fat. There are different varieties of sausage; there is a fresh sausage, smoked sausage, and dried sausage.


Dried sausage: the need to preserve the trimmings of meat brought about the advent of dried sausages. Some types of dried sausage include soppressata, pepperoni, Spanish chorizo and salami.


Smoked sausage: to make it, we  mix spices, herbs and ground meat and place them in casings. For most smoked sausages, they are are already cooked. But in some cases, we produce smoked sausages that are lightly cooked. Some of our more commonly smoked sausages include Andouille and Kielbasa.


Fresh sausages: this is a raw form of sausage where most versions are made with fresh pork. They are sold fully boiled, grilled, baked, or pan-fried. The most common example are bratwursts and country sausages.


What is a Bratwurst?

The origin of Bratwurst is in Germany. The typical Bratwurst is made using nutmeg, ginger, caraway, coriander, veal and pork. Other types of bratwurst are filled with peppers, cheese, and there are also plain ones. When preparing traditional Bratwurst recipes, eggs and cream are used. There are different kinds of recipes for Bratwurst in different regions in Germany and the USA.


In Wisconsin, Bratwurst is common in BBQ’s in most social events where it is referred to as Brat Fry. When Bratwurst was created in Germany, it was made to prevent the wastage of meat and also to have cured sausages because people who were trying to cure sausages created products that were causing people to fall sick.


Since the earlier days, unspoiled meat was part of the guidelines of creating Bratwurst. Today, Bratwurst is still produced by unspoiled meat to avoid any wastage of meat. Bratwurst can be used for just about any occasion where you want to add some meat to the main course. They can be eaten in a bun or by themselves. No matter how you decide to eat bratwurst they’re simply delicious.