Chickens in the SNOW!

Enjoy a window to the Farm ~

Chickens in the SNOW!
Our egg laying chickens are happy they have a beautiful chicken coop to hide out in on the cold days. But they still venture outside to dig through the snow, scratching for their food.
We do offer them some dry alfalfa and mixed grains (Non-GMO of course) to give them extra protein to keep warm during these winter months. We also keep some heat lamps on for them in their coop. The cold temps we get here in Michigan can make it hard on the animals, so we do our best to help out while still allowing them plenty of room to roam.

You can purchase our eggs at the Royal Oak Farmers Market or the Flint Farmers’ Market. Unfortunately, we are unable to ship our eggs at this time.

Visit our website for more information about our farm and to see our selection of grass fed beef, pastured pork, & free range chicken and turkey. We offer a variety of meat cuts for every occasion.