Behind the Scenes

Meat cutsHere is a picture of my mom, Kellie.  This was a snapshot I took of her this morning while she was teaching our new employees about our different meat cuts. This just brought to mind some thoughts about why we do what we do. 

We take educating our employees seriously but we also strive to educate our customers as well. It isn’t all about the meat cuts though, we want to also educate about our farming practices. We want to bring awareness to the food and agricultural industry to inspire change. Education brings knowledge and knowledge brings change. There is a big difference between conventionally raised livestock and our grass fed, pasture raised animals. Conventionally raised animals are generally kept in large barns with no access to the outside. The pens are tight because space is limited and the farmers try to raise as many animals as possible in the a small space. The animals usually spend their days in front of the feed trough because there isn’t any room for roaming. In contrast our animals all have access to large pastures. In the summer we uses pasture rotation to keep the animals on the best grass possible. They do have a barn they can go into but they prefer to stay outside even in the winter. They roam when they want and enjoy all that nature has to offer whether it is sunshine, rain or even snow! 

We strive to teach about our processing and our high standards of cleanliness to ensure quality and safety. Outbreaks of e-coli and salmonella are scary! That is one reason we decided to take the processing into our own hands. We can ensure that our equipment is clean and sanitized above and beyond USDA guidelines. We NEVER butcher any sick or diseased animals and that limits the risk even further.  We use impeccable care with all of our meats and packaging.

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