Bacon Burger Chili – The Secret Recipe
Chili is a staple at our house in the winter. In fact, I could eat it weekly if not daily
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Behind the Scenes
Here is a picture of my mom, Kellie.Ā  This was a snapshot I took of her this morning while she
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Bone Broth
  Bone Broth. A deliciously healing drink. After all the holiday parties it is time for a reset. What better
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Loving these furry faces!
We are so glad that our animals live the best life possible. Their life here on our farm is spent
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Chickens in the SNOW!
Enjoy a window to the Farm ~ Chickens in the SNOW! Our egg laying chickens are happy they have a
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Differences between baby back ribs and spare ribs
Baby Back Ribs Other common names include loin ribs, pork loin back ribs, and back ribs. To cut the back
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Cook the perfect Christmas turkey
Making Christmas turkey right every time While choosing for the best meal to prepare for the Christmas festivals, the flavor
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Bonlesss pork
3 Simple Meals to Make from Boneless Pork
Many people go for cheap and affordable, yet nutritious meal; a food that is ready for eating without more time
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grass fed beef
Why Grass-Fed Beef Tastes Better
A Run-down on the Benefits Regarding Your Taste Buds Serious debates exist regarding the taste between grass-fed cattle and those
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farm raised beef
5 Health Benefits of Grass Fed Beef
Grass fed beef is increasingly becoming popular. More people are realizing the benefits of opting for this type of beef
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Meal Planning-Leftovers
  Meal Planning – Leftovers   I know, I know, leftovers aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. But they reign supreme
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