Our little explorers

The birds have flown the coop! Yup, that’s right! They are out exploring the large pasture. They are digging for bugs and munching on some green leaves as I write this. It seems that this batch of turkeys is extra curious. Most days they move beyond their acre pasture, slip through the fence and go out to visit some of our cows. Luckily, the cows are pretty docile and conscious of the turkeys so they seem to get along great. We leave the lights on in their pen so that at night they can find their way back home. This generally works really well, but the other night they decided to be rebellious teenagers and stayed out all night! My husband went out after dark to shut all the animals up. We have 3-4 active pens of poultry and we go lock everything up every night to make sure they aren’t attacked by varmints. Well this particular night, the turkeys decided they were going to roost on our gates. (If you watch our Facebook video recording here, you will be able to see our pasture) These silly birds did NOT want to come inside. My husband tried for over an hour to carry them inside the barn but as soon as he set them down in their pen they would run outside and jump back up on the gate. Let me just say that we didn’t sleep well that night. We told Luna, our 1yr old Great Pyrenees – livestock guarding dog, that it was time for her to shine and protect the turkeys as they roost. She is still very inexperienced in the guarding department but everyone made it through the night safely. The turkeys love being outside and we are so glad that we are able to provide them with a natural environment to live in. These birds were designed to lead happy, healthy lives exploring the fields.

You can tell by the quality of our meats that our animals’ wellbeing is our top priority.  Thank you for supporting our farm.