Meet Shaena!


Meet Our John Henry’s Family!

Our newest member  –  Shaena Poehner.


Shaena has been answering the phone, taking orders and helping with all customer service related things the last couple of months. Although many of you may have already talked to her, I wanted to give you a more formal introduction.   Shaena and her husband Matt live in Flint with their 3 adorable kiddos, Julian, Clarie and Scarlett.

The family loves spending time outside and recently bought a trailer that they have been renovating for camping.  Shaena and her family also enjoy singing and acting in the community theatre.

I included this picture of Shaena and her beautiful daughters ready to start their most recent performance.


Because Shaena is now on our farm schedule she has to get up before the rest of the family. That leads to an early morning commute listening to NPR and drinking her coffee while it’s hot!  She spends most of her weekdays here at John Henry’s helping customers and learning how to cook! Her and I share a desk and it seems we are always discussing recipes or meat cuts. We also started going LIVE on Facebook every Tuesday around 10am.  It’s so fun and kind of like a talk show. We have a Q&A session in the beginning and then show what we have going on around the farm. Be sure to hop on while we are live or visit our Facebook page at any time to see replays of previous live events.

Shaena continues to learn more about our animals, farm and meat cuts. I am sure she will be an expert in no time! We are so thankful that she has decided to join our family.