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Meet our newest babies!

Baby Turkeys!


These babies are so cute!


Did you know that baby turkeys, also known as poults, LOVE the heat? That’s right! These babes would be right at home in the hot desert where temperatures are over 100 degrees F day and night. In order to keep them happy, we have quite the set up as you can see. Their bedding is made from pine shavings and they are surrounded by a straw barrier. They have a large radiant propane heater right above them that not only warms their bodies but also warms the bedding and other surfaces. According to our digital thermometer it is 105 degrees F in their area right now. It is imperative for them to stay warm. If the temperature were to drop below 90 degrees F, several would probably perish.


As you can see, our baby turkeys are thriving and as soon as their feathers come in, we will open up the barn door to let them roam the pasture.