Thanks Giving at John Henry’s


The hustle and bustle is in full swing here on the farm. The turkeys will be coming in and we have the very large task of washing, bagging and weighing them all in time for them to find their way to everyone on Tuesday. My mom and I are flying out to Las Vegas to attend my brother’s wedding but we are leaving behind the most capable crew. We wouldn’t be where we are without them.

Thank you Alicia for taking such great care of our customers and managing everything while we are away! You are a rock star and keep everything so organized and we are so blessed you joined our team in February. This year could not be going any smoother and the testimonials from our customers are proof that you have it all together! Your dedication to us and John Henry’s is much appreciated.

Thank you to Jesse, our butcher, for your hard work and dedication to John Henry’s. Our customers have been so blessed by your amazing skills and attention to detail. You make sure that every customer has what they need and it is cut correctly. You always step in wherever we need you be it the farmers market or even a delivery driver, the long hours do not go unnoticed. We are so proud to have you at the center of our team; we would be lost without you.

Thank you Candie, you are always quick to jump in and help, you keep the meat coolers so nicely organized. You take on many jobs from packing orders, cutting and packaging the cheese to packing coolers for the market. You do a great job keeping our packaging in tip top shape as well. You are a happy face to see at the market and quick to answer any questions or take an order. We appreciate all your hard work!

Thank you Ray, our main market guy! You keep the market so organized and always solve the puzzle of coolers as you remember how they all fit on to our freezer truck every week. Thank you for all your time and dedication. We will miss you as you go pursue other things, but we have been so blessed by your willingness to help out more when we are shorthanded.

Thank you to Micaela, for using your creative talents to help create our fun emails and market signs. You do any other job we ask of you as well and we are glad to have you on our team!

Thank you to Mr. Dale, who cuts up cardboard, washes eggs, fills the truck up with gas and goes on the long drive up north to pick up butter. We are so glad you gave John Henry a job at your gas station so many years ago, you have been such a special part of our farm and we appreciate everything you do.

Thank you to Grandma Pat, so many of our customers know and love you because you brought our meats to them every other week. Just because we started shipping UPS doesn’t mean you are out of a job, we appreciate that you continue to deliver eggs and pick up coolers weekly. Also, thank you for being an extra person to help out at the market when we need to. We truly appreciate you!

Thank you to Joe, the newest member of our team. You are going to make a great butcher one day because you are learning from the best. We are glad you decided to join us on our mission to provide quality, local, grass fed, pasture raised meats to our customers.

If you see one of these amazing members of our John Henry’s team this holiday season, be sure to give them an extra thank you from us! They are what makes this farm run smoothly and we wouldn’t be here without them. We love each and every one of them and pray they have a wonderful holiday and prosperous New Year!


~ Katie