It’s Turkey Time!

It’s Turkey Time!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and we are prepping for the busiest time of year here at John Henry’s. We have been taking Thanksgiving orders for weeks already and more are coming in every day. Here are some Holiday details that our customers should be aware of.

Turkeys are limited! The number of Turkeys we will have is already set for Thanksgiving and Christmas; we definitely do not want you to miss out, so placing your order as soon as possible is very important. We will run out of certain sizes in early November and we will sell out of turkeys before Thanksgiving.

We have several options to get your turkey to you this year. We will have pickup at the Royal Oak Farmers market on Tuesday November 21st from 7am to 1pm. This does require a credit card to be charged in advance so that pickup (which is super busy) can go smoothly and quickly for all of our customers. We will also be delivering to many cities with our trucks on Tuesday November 21st. Check our website for a list of cities. New this year we are only delivering Holiday cuts (Turkeys, Hams, Prime Rib, etc). We will NOT be delivering any other items on this route.

New this year is our UPS shipping. If you are not in one of our holiday delivery cities we will ship your Turkey via UPS. This is also how everyone will need to order any other holiday dinner needs besides the main dish! We will not be shipping UPS the week of Thanksgiving so the Last day to order and get deliver before Thanksgiving will be Wednesday November 15th. Any orders placed after the 15th will not arrive until the week after Thanksgiving.

We will be delivering eggs to all cities that are included in our east, west, and south egg delivery routes on November 13th and 14th. You can get all of your coolers picked up and out of the way before your guests arrive and have our farm fresh eggs delivered.

We are so excited to once again be a part of your family’s holiday meals. Our free range, antibiotic and hormone free turkeys will be a great addition to your Thanksgiving table. Please give us a call if you have any questions about our holiday services or anything else. Thank you so much for 10 great years and Happy Holidays!


Chicken Bone Broth Bundle


Meat Cut Highlights – Chicken Bone Broth Bundle


I love a good cup of chicken bone broth! Coffee has never been my thing. That dark bitter drink has never appealed to me, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel left out when everyone is walking around holding their favorite coffee mug or cup of Joe. Since I started drinking bone broth, I have accumulated my own collection of adorable cups and mugs to sip my broth from. Bone broth is like the miracle drink or liquid gold as I like to call it. Not only is the taste so comforting but the healing benefits make it that much more valuable. Because so many people come to our farm in their quest to find better health, we are often asked about bone broth. While the benefits of bone broth are undisputed, it’s important to make your broth out of healthy pasture raised animals. You definitely don’t need a box of water that is full of sodium and chicken flavor that holds little to no nutritional value. You may think making your own broth is too difficult or maybe you are confused about what bones to use, no worries, we created the perfect bundle for you. We offer an amazing chicken bone broth bundle filled with a variety of chicken pieces that can include: chicken feet, necks, backs, wings, drumsticks, thighs and breasts. The combination of pieces we put together creates a delicious and nutritious drink. I use the bone broth bundle and my instant pot for making my weekly pot of broth. It’s great to know that I have almost 6 quarts of yummy broth ready to drink after 4 hours in the instant pot. The Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF), recommends drinking a cup of broth with each meal to help with digestion. Bone broth has gelatin which causes your body to absorb more of the nutrients you need from your food.  So, I definitely suggest following the WAPF recommendation or at the very least, drink 2 cups a day when it is most convenient for you. Don’t forget that you can NOT microwave bone broth, this can make homemade broth toxic to your liver. The best way to heat the broth is in a saucepan on the stove. Visit our website for more information on the benefits of bone broth and some recipes to make your own.


Meal Planning Tip #4 Calendars

This is one of my favorite meal planning tips. Maybe it is my compulsive need to write things down or just the fact that a calendar full of meals is so satisfying. Whichever the reason, my family reaps the rewards with a plan for dinner every night! I actually have 2 calendars that I like to use and I switch back and forth depending on my mood. I love this meal planner journal style calendar. This calendar allows for more detail because it has separate sections for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack and a shopping list! This isn’t always practical for the busy family but for those of us on a special diet or new way of eating, sometimes you need to plan out every meal. Another calendar option I have is this magnetic dry erase  monthly calendar. This is a great way to keep your monthly meal plan out where all can see, plus it is super easy to switch days around or erase things. I usually write things in my meal planner first and then move them to my monthly calendar that is located in my kitchen. Once I have a month’s worth of dinners on this calendar, I take a picture of it with my phone for quick reference while I am at the grocery store or out and about.

One benefit I really enjoy about the planner is the fact that everything is written down and unless you throw it away, you have the option of going back and reviewing previous meals. This goes hand in hand with the meal journal (a notebook of your family’s favorite meals). It is so easy for me to forget what I made for dinner a week ago, let alone, last month. Life is busy and with 4 kiddos and the farm I am just trying to make sure everyone is fed something healthy before we start the bedtime routines. My meal planning time usually comes when I am finally able to crawl into bed after a long day.   My brain is usually racing with things still to do and my meal planning brain is blank. I pull out this planner and start reviewing previous dinners. The inspiration starts flowing as I see all of the yummy freezer meals I have made in the past.  I also pull out my current freezer meal inventory sheets to see what meals I have left as I try to avoid my freezer turning into a black hole.  Once my creative juices start flowing or even if they don’t flow, I turn to a blank page in my planner and start filling it out. I first fill in the meals I have in my freezer according to what our weeks look like. An example of that: My daughter, Aurora, just started ballet class after school on Tuesdays. This cuts down on my time to prepare dinner, so on Tuesdays I make sure I have something in the crock pot or instant pot. Since most of the freezer meals are designed to be on the table in 30 mins or less, one of them is always a great option. Once my tricky schedule days are planned, I continue on to the rest of the week adding in more freezer meals and some meals that are family favorites. Tacos are something easy and while there is usually a meal I serve as a taco substitute in our freezer meal menus, we also love our faithful stand by – Wildtree Taco Seasoning and whatever ground meat I have in the freezer (ie. beef, chicken or turkey).  Dinners are definitely a priority for me because we usually have some leftovers we can eat for lunch the next day. But breakfast is also important. I try to avoid cereal at all costs, yes; I do have some in my cupboard for emergency situations or Sunday mornings (that is my husband’s favorite before church). But during the week I really try to limit sugar and grains that turn to sugar in my little ones bodies. Yet, we can’t just eat scrambled eggs every day! The monotonous feeling of having the same breakfast every morning makes me feel like its ground hogs day. So, I also plan breakfasts and they generally look something like this –

Smoothie for Monday,

Grain Free Waffles on Tuesday,

Eggs on Wednesday,

Smoothie on Thursday,

Grain Free Pumpkin Muffins on Friday.


I hope some of these tips helped you. Meal planning used to be a major struggle for me and with the help of freezer meals, a meal planner/journal and a calendar, dinner can be a HUGE success.